Second Summit Cider is a women-owned, family and friends run business.

The two owners, Vicki and Julie, met 40 years ago at Utah State University, married Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity brothers and found a way to stay in touch through the years while raising their families in different states and countries. Both maintain a passion for community, outdoor activity and interacting with friends and family. With their children grown, they started dreaming about a place where an active community could thrive. Second Summit Hard Cider Co is that dream!

Julie and Vicki are the co-owners of Second Summit Hard Cider Co.

They met in 1983 at Utah State University and have stayed connected over the last 40 years even though they lived many miles or continents apart.

Julie and Vicki’s shared love for outdoor activities and community played a crucial role in the creation of Second Summit Hard Cider Co. They both have families who are active and enjoy spending time outdoors, and they wanted to create a space that reflected those values.

In addition to producing delicious hard cider, Julie and Vicki also wanted to create a gathering place where people could come together and connect over shared interests.
They envisioned a space where friends and families could come to relax, have fun, and make memories.

Through their business, Julie and Vicki have created a space that embodies their shared values of community, connection, and outdoor adventure. They have built something special, and their passion for creating a welcoming space for all shines through in every aspect of their business.

Vicki lives in Sugarhouse and Julie is a part-time Park City resident.

Julie and Vicki

Meet the Team

Joe has over a decade of experience in the service industry, working in a variety of establishments from breweries, craft beer and dive bars.

Joe’s most recent position was at a fast growing cidery in MN where he learned about front of house management, managed a host of customer activities and leagues and got exposure to the cider production process.

Joe’s easy going attitude and ability to multi-task make him the perfect candidate to run an active cidery.

Joe has a diverse background having lived in eight different states and two countries. Joe considers Des Moines, IA his hometown and where he got his Midwest values, but his passion for adventure and travel has given him the opportunity to travel to interesting places.

Joe attended graduate school in Reykjavik, Iceland and studied in Indonesia giving him the opportunity to truly be immersed in different cultures.

Joe has also picked up skiing after moving to Utah to go along with his other interests of climbing mountains, scuba diving and exploring new places!


Brandon has a passion for outdoor activities, sports and of course, cider making! Brandon started as a cider enthusiast who made home batch’s a success in competitions receiving gold and silver medals in the two competitions he entered.

Brandon was able to turn his hobby into a career when he started working at Colorado Cider Company’s taproom and eventually moved into production.

Brandon quickly honed his craft cider skills and moved south to Houston to become the Head Cidermaker at City Brewing in Houston.

Wanting to get out of the humidity and back to the mountains, Brandon most recently was at C Squared Cider and helped the Cidery move from Denver to a destination location called Primrose Farm Cidery.

Brandon was born in California to a couple of Hoosiers who eventually moved to the mountains of Colorado with a short stint in Salt Lake City. He graduated from University of Colorado with a degree in Classics.

Brandon has a well-rounded set of interests and hobbies, including cheering for Denver sports teams like the Avalanche, Broncos, and Nuggets. He also enjoys spending time in nature through hiking and snowshoeing, as well as tabletop RPGs when he can find a group to play with. Finally, he shares his time with his furry friend, Ron the dog.